Programs & Services


The Health Department manages multiple health program budgets and oversees a number of health care workers/professionals employed under those programs.


  • NNADAP- Drug & Alcohol (National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program)
  • Drugs & alcohol camps or treatment facilities
  • Community health programs
  • Mental health
  • Brighter Futures
  • Band Health Plan: Home and Community Health Plan (pages 1 – 94)

Home and Community Care

Providing home care service which is respectful of culture and tradition and supportive to family and community involvement. Also providing services which will allow family members to stay in their homes and community longer and with more safety.

Drugs and Alcohol

The Drugs & Alcohol Department offers Bonaparte Indian Band members with the following services:

  • One to one counselling services
  • Family and healing circles
  • Couples support
  • Referrals to treatment centres for substance abuse
  • Referrals to trauma programs
  • Follow-up counselling post-treatment
  • Referral to therapists
Name Department Phone Email
Angie Thorne Social Development Manager ext 239