Staff Directory

Our Team

Administration Department


Name Department Phone Email
Sean Bennett Chief Executive Officer ext 248
Selina Knowles Executive Assistant ext 234
Brenda Antoine Project Coordinator ext 280
Kimberly Pierro Human Resources Manager ext 225
Jamie Porter Administration Receptionist ext 221
Membership ext 241
Upstairs Boardroom ext 233
Downstairs Boardroom ext 251

Housing Department

Name Department Phone Email
Sierra Loewen Housing Manager ext 222
Valentara Zabotel Housing Assistant ext 237

Finance Department

Name Department Phone Email
Alysa Lee Accounts Payables ext 244
Harley Antoine Accounts Receivable/Payroll Coordinator ext 252
Samantha Minnabarriet Finance Manager ext 235
Jennifer Casorso Finance Assistant

St'uxwtews Education Centre

Name Department Phone Email
Debra Bob Education Manager ext 240
Shaunna Pierro Language and Vitality Coordinator ext 247
Karen Warren Education Community Support Worker 250-457-9747
Tanisha Terry Youth Worker
Heather Daniel Headstart Coordinator
Jamie Porter Administrative Assistant ext 247
Meg Billy Headstart Worker

Health Department

Name Department Phone Email
Angie Pigeon Health Director ext 246
Jenna Alexander Executive Assistant ext 230
Ruby Squinas Family Wellness Manager ext 232
Angie Thorne Social Development Manager ext 239
Carolyn Billy Home Care Aid ext 245
Heidi Billy-Greenman LPN/Home & Community Care Nurse ext 226
Jeannie William Patient Travel/Community Health Worker ext 229
Kala Morgan Health Receptionist ext 224
Danny Kennedy Indigineous Healing & Wellness Worker ext 249
Matilda Morgan Stsmemelt Community Coordinator ext 243
Savannah Pierro Social Development Assistant ext 242
Sher Perry LPN/Home & Community Care Coordinator ext 228
Telleighla Gies Community Health Nurse ext 236
Mary-Lou Morgan Adult In Home Care

Lands / Water Department

Name Department Phone Email
Byron Porter Water
Mike Williams Water Operator

Natural Resources Department

Name Department Phone Email
Amanda Murrell Project Supervisor ext 273
Fawn Pierro-Zabotel Forestry Technician ext 275
Jason Haller Contracts Negotiator
Kelsey Thorne Contracts Administrator ext 276
Jessie Stick NR Admin Assistant ext 282
Melanie Minnabarriet NR Manager ext 277
Kara Morgan File Clerk ext 280

Cultural Enrichment Department

Name Department Phone Email
Honey Johnson Cultural Coordinator ext 227
Jamie Neighbor Cultural Enrichment Manager ext 227

Operations and Maintenance

Name Department Phone Email
Kirby Russell O&M Worker

Chief and Council

Name Department Phone Email
Frank Antoine Chief
Neal Antoine Councillor
Keith Zabotel Councillor
Michelle Canaday Councillor
Band Office Phone Number : 250-457-9624 | Toll Free: 1-877-457-4944 | Fax : 250-457-9550
Health Department Number : 250-457-6233 | Fax: 250-457-9525
Morgan/IR1 Water Treatment Plant : 250-457-2216